about us

CyberMedia is an international PR and communications firm specializing in the tech industry. CyberMedia provides full PR and marketing services, producing effective and creative solutions for brands expanding into international markets. We are experts at supporting your products in the right market, and connecting your brand with the right audience. Through an integrated marketing mix of public relations, media planning, digital strategy and events, our approach is based on our years of experience in this field. Our approach is tailored and proudly based on years of experience in these fields. Our primary areas of focus are on consumer electronics, enterprise hardware, IT services and gaming. Our team has a multi-market presence to deliver campaigns anywhere, giving you access to worldwide exposure.



Integrated Marketing Services

The key to a successful campaign is to reach your audience at every stage and ensure your message is delivered through the most suited channel and platform, and executed in the right manner according to the market.  At CyberMedia, our strategy is based on an integrated approach, taking in methods from PR and marketing, social media, influencer and blogger outreach, media buying and events.  We provide a solution that is tailored, impactful, and integrated.

Experience and Expertise

Our team members have accumulated years of experience working alongside most of the tech companies either as a media buyer or as their worldwide PR representatives.  Our experience dates back to 1998 when we acted as media sales reps for many tech publications, to now, where we provide PR and integrated marketing services in every continent. We have worked with all types of clients from start-ups to world renowned brands to delivery successful campaigns of all and scopes and sizes.

Worldwide Network

What makes CyberMedia different is that we create effective regional marketing strategies directly out of Asia through our extensive worldwide network.  Whether it’s in North America, Europe, MEA, ANZ or Asia – we have the world covered with our extensive network.  Our regional teams allow us to create campaigns that are based on insightful knowledge of every marketplace, which means we can guarantee that our strategy works and is the best and more effective solution.



CyberMedia is made up of an extensive network of multilingual specialists, dotted around the world to help our clients execute regional-based campaigns in local languages. At our headquarters, we provide a dedicated team to work closely with you and act as a central point of contact for all your regional campaigns.




With our headquarters based in Taiwan, our team members here work closely with clients to plan worldwide campaigns, ensuring that the brand message is unified. Our headquarters co-works with the regionally based teams to ensure your successful campaign is delivered smoothly and effectively. We can also plan and execute campaigns based in Taiwan.


Asia is a key market for many tech companies. In North East Asia, we provide integrated services at a fraction of the price compared to other agencies in this region and in South East Asia, we offer packages that targets the entire region or just one country at a time. We also work with international brands wanting to set up in Greater China.


The European market is not always easy to enter, the press there is sophisticated, with high standards on quality and expectations for marketing investments. With CyberMedia, you can bypass this barrier because we’ve had long established relationships with many publications in Europe acting as the media reps for titles including c’t, iX, Mac&i, Make, heise online, Tom’s Hardware, and others.


North America is the most developed market where the competition is fierce and the media are fragmented making it costly to carry out marketing campaigns. Our team here will get the most out of every campaign, combining a mix of marketing strategies based on our experience. We also provide services in South America, with our team providing services in native speaking Portuguese and Spanish.


The Australia and New Zealand market operates differently from Europe and North America, and is also relatively costly to carry out marketing activities. The strategy we provide in this region is to build a strong community – be active on social media, invest in influencer programs, and carry out events as well as traditional PR activities to effectively leverage brand exposure.


In the Middle East, we frequently work with media publications based in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Israel and Egypt.  Depending on the region, we provide services in English or Arabic.  Whilst in South Africa, our team can get products placed in popular tech and gadget shows, local radio stations as well as media publications.